Lottie4J Project

Goal of the Lottie4J project

Provide a set of Java libraries that can

  • Parse existing Lottie animations to Java objects.

  • Generate Lottie files from Java objects.

  • Play Lottie animations in JavaFX.

  • And achieve this by using a recent Java version with the use of Records to minimize the code and make the project easy to maintain, test, and extend.

Current status


I’m working on this, but slowly…​ Not sure if I should create a full JavaFX player myself or integrate with e.g. the work Alessio Vinerbi is doing with MoonsonFX, his "After Effects"-like application written in JavaFX. Maybe a conversion from Lottie-format to the format he is using would be a good approach…​ In the meantime, whenever I have time, I dive deeper into the Lottie format to fully understand it.

This announcement seems to be pretty important: Announcing Lottie as a Standard with Lottie Animation Community (LAC) Format Specification Body. Lottie gets a big push to become an even more "efficient, scalable and cross-platform animated vector graphics technology and open file format". To be continued…​


Hmm, the Lottie data format is harder to understand than I hoped…​ I already knew it’s not a logical nested structure, but actually there is a lot of references to data in other structures inside the JSON.

So, to be honest, I’m in the typical worst point that every project faces…​

Graph showing the emotions in a project

But on the bright side, we have our first correct color and stroke width output! The right pink border is the same as on the left, so I know where to find some info to be used in the drawing…​

Graph showing the emotions in a project


Based on a LottieFile with an animation, created with Flow, the Bezier object needed to be extended in two different objects: FixedBezier and AnimatedBezier.

  • Core

    • Added FixedBezier and AnimatedBezier with BezierDeserializer

    • Extended unit tests

  • FXPlayer and FXDemo

    • Loading of initial test file

    • Position, colors, strokes…​ still to be done

Loaded animation file and start of generating the first frame


  • Core: can already load many different JSON files

    • But not all yet…​

    • To be added to the unit tests and the model needs to be further extended

    • See FileLoaderTest.java#L38

  • FXPlayer: very basic visualizer

    • Can read a basic Lottie JSON file and draw the paths

    • See below with DemoApplication.java showing the original Lottie on the left, and the very first JavaFX generated image on the right.

Status of Lottie4J JavaFX player on 20230123

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